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Dragon Ball C

Fruited Funky APA|6.5%

When you have a soccer seasonal beer, what do you do with it when the season ends and no one wants to drink it anymore? There are a number of hilarious options, but we decided to strengthen ours with the power of funk along with the most legendary of fire-breathing fruits. Some of the 2016 Ball Control that was still hanging out in the Fall was moved into a stainless-steel drum. Thereupon we added a blend of Brettanomyces strains and gave them months to ferment the small amounts of residual sugars from sorghum and malt. Once they’d had plenty of time to make themselves at home, we gave our little fermenting fungi the gifts of the Dragon. After adding 2 cases of pureed dragon fruit, we allowed the Brett to absorb and transform the new powers we had bestowed upon them for another few weeks. Thus, Dragon Ball Control was born! Is Goku a Cooper? He is now.

Pale Ale
Character / Series
Dragon Fruit, Sorghum


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