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Dirty Hoppin’ ScondrAle


Scoundrales like to get wet. Wet, wet, wet.

Our first Wet Hopped offering, this IPA is a balanced beer for those Fall hopheads. Wet Hopped means that it was brewed with fresh, unprocessed hops that can only be harvested in a narrow window of time each year and must be used very soon after harvest. A healthy IPA grain bill forms the base for significant but not overwhelming additions of American Apollo and Bravo hops. Look for piney and citrusy notes from those additions. We then tossed in a good amount of fresh, wet Centennial hops. They came right off the vines and into the boil. This adds a unique set of flavors and aromas not found in the regular hopped version. After fermentation, we then aged this beer on another dose of Centennial and Citra wet hops. This adds a cloudiness to the beer as well as a very prominent, fresh flavor and aroma that is sure to please any fan of American hops.

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