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Dad Jokes

Quadruple IPA|10.0%

Make me a beer they said: Poof, you

When the Cloudwater Brewery gents from jolly old England came over for the Shelton Bros. festival, they wanted to brew a beer on the cutting edge of societal evolution. What is more cutting edge than a quadruple IPA? So in an effort to give our former colonizing overlords exactly what they asked for we pumped this baby chock full of malt and hops, stretching the limits of our system for 10%Alcohol and 100 IBUs. It starts with a malt backbone, yes I said BACKBONE of Pilsner malt, Vienna and Wheat. Then we threw a bunch of hops in, Pacific Gem, Amarillo, Simcoe, etc. for the dankest, yes I said DANKEST hop flavor to balance that BACKBONER. This beer is as Jacked, Juicy and Tan as it gets. It

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Ale Yeast


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