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Citra Wet Ass Down

Fresh Hop Citra Double IPA|7.5%

Variant edition! Drink it now!!!

If Dirty Hoppin’ Scoundrale is here to introduce you to wet hopped beers, this one is to blow your asses off. Directly off your puny bodies. We started with our Citra Ass Down recipe, modified the hop bill just a little, and then really went to town with the wet hops. We loaded massive piles of fresh, wet Citra hops into the boil kettle near the end of the boil to extract all that juicy Citra flavor and aroma. Nothing about this is balanced. It’s a crusher. We then loaded the fermenter with another 10 pounds of wet Citra hops and threw in 30 pounds of wet Mosaic hops for good measure. Mosaic is a new hop variety by the same breeders that brought the world Simcoe and Citra hops. It is said to mimic, modify, and enhance the flavors and aromas of whatever other hops it is added to. Does it make Citra even better? You bet your wet ass it does!

Double IPA, IPA
Character / Series


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