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Bonfyre Of The Daiquiris

Smoked Strawberry Belgian Ale|7.8%

What now, NABC?!

A smoky, fruity delight. This is the drink you will find in your hand after you are slain by a Frost Giant in glorious battle at the gates of Asgaard. We basically set a strawberry field on fire and crammed it into some booze. A very smoky malt bill with a portion of added raw sugar gave our Belgian yeast strain plenty to work with. Fruity yeast esters are accompanied by generous additions of strawberries post-fermentation. The tart fruitiness compliments the smoke extremely well and is laced with just a hint of boozy heat. A highly complex and fitting end to our current Belgian yeast strain, this is the penultimate release featuring said yeast. Is this our most outlandish smoked beer yet? Maybe. But it could also be our best. The decision is yours, guardian.

Character / Series


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