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Doomed Release Party held at Against the Grain

On  August 12, 2023: Against the Grain brewery in collaboration with Kentucky filmmaker Jacob Mulliken will be holding a release party/art gallery for Mulliken’s recently released documentary Doomed: Hunter S. Thompson’s American Dream.

Doomed focuses on famed Louisville native and inventor of Gonzo Journalism, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. The focus is different from other documentaries about Thompson, said Mulliken.

“The narrative surrounding Thompson has consistently been that he was some whacked out druggy wantonly skating along the razor’s edge of the fringe. He has become a key counter culture figure in the same vein as Che Guevara, an icon to hang up on the wall of one’s dorm without knowing what either stood for,” said Mulliken. 

Mulliken’s documentary, now available on Tubi, provides an in depth look at the other side of the coin of Thompson’s classic Raul Duke persona popularized arguably by Thompson’s greatest literary success, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

“He was far more than a fringe caricature,” said Mulliken. “The death of the American Dream was his main theme. He was a political activist, journalist, social activist and believed to his core that America and the illusive American Dream were possible, despite years of covering one failed twisted politician after another. Thompson is arguably one of the most important journalistic and literary figures in the American canon and his myriad successes are often overshadowed by his persona. My hope is that folks will check out the doc and actually go read and learn what he was all about, especially given that his voice is as biting and necessary today as it was in his heyday.”

The documentary release/gallery show will take place at Against the Grain Brewery and Public house located at 1576 Bardstown Road on August 12 from 4pm to 8pm. The event will feature Thompson inspired work by Mulliken and Logan County, KY sculptor Zebulon Delaney, as well as featuring animations and selected clips from Mulliken’s documentary throughout the venue.

“I’ve been on the road doing the film and art thing for most of my adult life, so it is really exciting and a bit surreal to be back home as my documentary about Thompson is being released,” Mulliken said. “What makes it even more special is working in collaboration with Sam Cruz and the fine people of Against the Grain and fellow Kentucky artists.”

In the weeks leading up to the August 12 event, The Public House will have a special Doomed beer on tap as well as Thompson related artwork throughout the building, said Cruz.

“It’s an honor being able to work with Jacob to debut his work on the film Doomed: Hunter S. Thompson’s American Dream, all while honoring one of Louisville’s greatest artists! The film really personifies Hunter S. Thompson in a way that is so often overlooked and we are excited to be a part of this opportunity to get to know him better.”

It’s an all around great hometown story, Jacob (Mulliken) was born in Louisville and has come home to celebrate one of our city’s most notorious figures. With Gonzo Fest celebrating its final year last year, it is a great opportunity to not only keep Thompson’s memory alive and hopefully introduce a new generation to his work but to continue keeping Louisville weird, said Cruz.

“We hope you will all join us in the coming weeks to celebrate the great work Jacob has done with the film and get to know Hunter through the lens he has created in Doomed: Hunter S. Thompson’s American Dream.”

Doomed: Hunter S. Thompson’s American Dream is now available on streaming services, Tubi and is set to be released on Cineverse via the platforms below.

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