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ATG Beers as Iconic Christmas Characters


‘Tis the season to cozy up with your favorite beer and put on a Christmas movie. Just like these iconic characters have a lot of personality, our beers do too!

Bo and Luke – Harry and Marv

Maybe in their prime, Harry and Marv were handsome troublemakers driving a fast car through the countryside. Unfortunately, we know them now as two beer-bellied fools robbing children on the holidays. Behold two iconic duos!

Brown Note – Uncle Eddy

“Shitter was full!” Need we say more? If you look closely, Uncle Eddy is enjoying an ATG Brown Note as he causes a city-wide sewage catastrophe.

Citra Ass Down – Buddy the Elf

They’re hoppy, they’ve got big personalities, and you can only handle these two in moderation. Buddy the Elf has arguably one of the strongest personalities of all Christmas characters. The same can be said for our iconic double IPA!

Loo-A-Vuhl Pale – Ralphie

Our Loo-A-Vuhl Pale Ale is surprisingly hazy and so is Ralphie’s vision. The only difference: having our flagship Pale Ale is actually great judgement!

Kentucky Ryed Chiquen – The Grinch

They’re dark and spicy, but beneath it all is a lot of heart. Crack this unique brew open beside the fire to save Christmas!