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June 4, 2023 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Bike Parts Swap

It’s Thunder and Derby time. Do you hate driving yet? Do you hate parking yet? Many cyclists do, and that’s why they ride bikes. Also, it’s fun. But sometimes your bike falls apart and you don’t have the parts to fix it. Or you just want your bike to look cooler than the next guy’s. Or you don’t even have a bike! We have the solution: A Bike Parts Swap.

June 4th, join us on our downtown public house patio to drink beer and buy/sell bike parts. This event is to benefit Falls City Community Bike Works, a local nonprofit that provides our community with affordable bikes, parts, and related education.

We’re offering the opportunity to set up as a vendor, either as an established shop or someone that has way too many handlebars sitting in the garage.

Want to sell bike parts? 

Bike shops can set up for a small fee of $30. This fee will directly benefit FCCB. Individuals will be charged $10 to set up shop.

We have a limited amount of tables. Participants can reserve a table for an additional $10, or bring their own free of charge.

Sign-up for vendors will begin Thursday, April 20th. 

Want to buy bike parts? 

Just show up! We recommend a donation of $10 or more to grab a ticket at the door. This fee will benefit FCCB.