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Save Ferrous

Redryemalt Liquor Aged On A Blowtorch Sterilized Sword Blade That Was Suspended in The Tank By A Guitarstring|8.2%

Official metal aged Red Malt Liquor of Metal Blade Records!

This is the metalest beer in the world.  The base is a malt liquor (or pre-Prohibition lager) which means that the sugars come from a blend of traditional barley as well as other adjuncts like corn, rye, and pure dextrose and that a lager yeast strain is used to give a crisp, clean finish.  Red and rye malts were added to bloody the color up a little, and a long playlist of brutal metal made sure that the yeast grew up with horns.  Post-fermentation we sterilized a sword blade with a blow torch and used a guitar string to suspend the blade in the aging beer.  We also got an official endorsement from Metal Blade records, the label of such metal acts as Gwar, Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, and Goatwhore.  Brewtal!

Pale Ale, Rye Ale
Character / Series


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