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Saison of the Witch

Saison with Pumpkin and Nutmeg|6.0%

You’ve got to pick up every stitch…

Whatever that means? Must be the Saison of the Witch!! Our take on the seasonal offering takes a Basic Beer and turns it into a real High-Brow Brew. Yeah, it’s got pumpkin and yeah, it’s got nutmeg, but Saison yeast adds a nuanced and diverse complexity of fruitiness and spice and a late addition of cardamom adds a soft and citrusy finish. Like all good Saisons, this beer has a bitter crispness that helps distance it from its cloyingly sweet counterparts. A malt body built from melanoidin, caramel and roast malts with a dose of oats keeps this beer balanced while adding a dark, rich body that is the essence of Fall beers. Drink up and prepare to be bewitched.

Belgian, Saison
Character / Series


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