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Sack Of Antwerk

Belgian-Style Pale Ale|6.6%

Imagine Miley Cyrus but Belgian and delicious.

This beer is what happens when you don’t pay your Spanish soldiers. They get mildly intoxicated and clap their buttcheeks all around the economic and cultural center of a small seafaring nation. We hope you’re down with all of that. Even if you aren’t though, you should still be able to enjoy this Belgian-style pale ale that offers a slightly spicy and full-bodied malt bill holding up a variety of hops such as New Zealand Wakatu and the American blend Falconer’s Flight. Look for Belgian spicy phenols, piney, herbal and citrusy hops, and a slight bitter bite. Much like Spanish soldiers, it’ll get up in ya’ en masse. Enjoy!

Pale Ale
Character / Series


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