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Ain’t No Haller-Blanc, Grrl

Pale Ale Ft. Hallertau Blanc Hops|5.7%

This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S*

*beer does not actually contain bananas

We understand that there’s been a few times that you’ve been around that Pale Ale track, but we’d like to tell you, it isn’t going down like that: because this is ‘Ain’t No Haller Blanc, Grrl’.  You heard us, it’s ‘Ain’t No Haller Blanc, Grrl’.  Our bombastically bright Pale Ale features Hallertau Blanc hops, a German aroma varietal that lends a rich fruitiness and mild zesty grapefruit flavor.  We layered this over a Pale Ale base with a little wheat and caramel malts to add a touch of body, as well as some Simcoe and Cascade for some resinous, orangey notes.  No doubt, you’re already thinking what we are:  ‘Ooo, ooo, that is my shoot, that is my shoot.’

Pale Ale
Character / Series
Ale Yeast


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